Institute National Innovation and Startup Policy

Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College Of Engineering

Draft - NISP Policy Formulation Version 2 is made and under study.

List of Activities done

  1. NISP Committee Formation formulate and implement NISP.
  2. Vision-Mission Statements and Objectives defined.
  3. Innovation Fund Budget.
  4. Startup cell, IPR cell, E cell and IIC in place.


To Facilitate a platform for innovative minds to transform their ideas into viable business propositions to start a business venture.

Short Term Objectives

  1. To facilitate generation of Innovative solution for real life problems.
  2. To encourage and stimulate campus startups in the institution.

Long  Term Objectives

To link INNOVATION to ENTERPRISES leading to Financial Success.

The Tasks to include on Five Thrust Areas that I have identified are as follows to begin with.

  1. Department Program Outcome aligned with Mission.
  2. Faculty Course Outcomes to be added/updated mapping to the PO.
  3. Importance of innovation and entrepreneurial agenda should be known across the institute. It is to be promoted and highlighted at institutional programs such as conferences, convocations, workshops etc.
  4. FE Induction Program will have three sessions on Innovation, NISP, IIC-Idea Competition.
  5. Accept Startup Idea as Mini Project/Major Project.
  6. In the Beginning of Semester – Encourage teams to take up Projects on the themes like
                                                            (5 interdisciplinary)

  • Healthcare & Biomedical devices.
  • Agriculture & Rural Development.
  • Smart Vehicles/ Electric vehicle/ Electric vehicle motor and battery technology.
  • Food Processing.
  • Robotics and Drones.
  • Waste management.
  • Clean & Potable water.
  • Renewable and affordable Energy.
  • IoT based technologies (e.g. Security & Surveillance systems etc.)
  • ICT, cyber-physical systems, Blockchain, Cognitive computing, Cloud computing, AI & ML.
  • Other emerging areas of Innovation and Startup opportunity.

    • Faculty attending trainings/courses/FDP on I&E&Startup- 50 points (10 points for one day)
    • Faculty with Idea-PoC-Prototype competition team participation – 100 points
    • Faculty with start-up – 200 points
  2. Include Innovation Tool Kit on IIC Web site
  3. To encourage the students to participate:
    • As the internship- Let them work with Incubation Unit. Startup, Own Innovative Problem that leads to at least prototype with prior approval from committee. [dept experts] Innovation Cell
    • Concession in attendance. (they can attend upto 40%) with prior permission and review done. They have to produce prototype
  1. Major Competitions to organise : Teams with mentors to participate
    • Innovative Idea Competition and
    • Hackathons on the same theme of innovative Idea
    • Proof of Concept Competition
    • Business Model Canvas Competition
    • Encourage students with distributing Prizes and Trophies
    • Encourage Faculty with appraisal points for their winning team.
  1. Collaborate with external agencies and companies for knowledge sharing.
  2. Create a knowledge sharing mechanism in the institute.
  3. All departments should work in coordination to come up with teams with interdisciplinary product ideas leading to startup. In the beginning of the year pick the students across depts and form at least 3 to 5 different teams.